Dad we made it! Tell Mum!


Sin duda el pasado día 30 de agosto en Miami fue muy especial para todos, a continuación os dejo el discurso de graduación del Doctorado:

Good afternoon,

I want to congratulate everybody who is graduating and to thank our host for making this possible.

On a special day like today I would like to share with all of you a little story:

30 years ago, in 1988, my father had the opportunity to buy a medieval construction located in the North-East of Spain called “Castillo de Escales”. At that point, the castle, which had a tower built in the eleventh century, was at a very bad conservation state.

A lengthy and intensive rehabilitation process, sparked my father’s curiosity to know and understand, the history of this construction and those who lived in it through the years.

The investigation started with the name of the castle (“Escales”). The first reference to this name was found in a text which spoke about an ecclesiastic from the fourteenth century named Ramón de Escales, who was the Bishop of Barcelona in 1385 during twelve years.

My father’s intuition, led him to dig deeper into Ramon de Escales’s life and his relationship with the castle.

As we now know, Raymundus’ life was very intense and complex, especially his actions as a Royal Advaser and his important works in the improvement and reconstruction of the Cathedral of Barcelona, where he is buried today.

In 1997, after my father’s retirement from an extended career, he matriculated in University to start his PhD about a biographical investigation into Ramon de Escales, which was combined with the care of my mother. 18 years, and a lot of research later, he finished his work and proceeded to present it and dedicate it to my ill mother.

I will never understand why his presentation was denied. The University claimed that the credits he had obtained were expired and, if he wanted to defend his thesis, he had to return to his studies, at age 85, and present it in 2 years’ time to which he replied: “I won’t be here in 2 years!”

At that time, we explored every single option to contest such an unfair ruling, but could not find a solution. Unfortunately, my father passed away on the 6thof April of 2017 without being able to present his PhD.

It was then, while I was studying for my PHD, when I decided to put aside my thesis and finish my father´s work on his name.

I contacted Atlantic International University and with their help, I started collecting all of my father’s notes, papers and research and merged them with my work, focusing on the economic impact the bishop had in the fourteenth century.

Today I dedicate this work to him.

I stand here with all my family, in this graduation, very proud of being able to complete the work my father Salvador started by applying the values of effort and perseverance that he always represented.

I would like to finish with one of his favourite phrases which I found among his notes and that perfectly suits this occasion:

“The completion of something is better than the beginning”

Dad we made it! Tell Mum

Thank you very much,


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